Are you tired of living in shame and guilt? Are you done putting up with abuse or mistreatment from others? Are you tired of feeling stuck and unworthy? 


What you’re experiencing is called codependency.


Fortunately, it is possible to heal from codependency and stop attracting narcissists and abusers if you follow a few simple practices. And, while everyone has the gift and the magic to heal from codependency and narcissistic abuse inside of them, some never discover it. If this sounds like you, then know that this mistake is costing you your happiness and freedom. 

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Regrettably, there is rarely recognition of the global issue of codependency and, as such, little acknowledgment of the victims of abuse.

However, Alejandra is here to address these realities on an individual level, and one of her most effective methods to encourage healing and growth is through her one-on-one coaching sessions. During this time, Alejandra utilizes personalized journaling prompts to target your unique challenges and self-sabotaging behaviors in order to help you overcome your fears and doubts and, ultimately, reframe your limiting beliefs.

As a trained transformational coach, Alejandra delivers valuable information, but her true gift lies in her ability to work with clients to help them become aware of and alter their old, learned, limiting beliefs and transform their paradigm of reality. Specifically, Alejandra guides clients to be attuned to themselves; to notice the observer and listener within so they can open themselves up to the possibility of breaking out and breaking free of their childhood wounds and attachment trauma. In doing so, Alejandra helps victims of narcissistic abuse and codependency to finally understand and learn to practice self-love, self-compassion and kindness, both with themselves and with others. 

1:1 Coaching


The weekly life coaching sessions provide enticing experiences to help you tap into the power that has been within you all along and transform your life. In these sessions, you’ll get the tips, tools, guidance and resources you need to rediscover yourself and experience a freedom you’ve never known before!

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“At 37 years old, married with two children and a working professional, I found myself having intense struggle in both my marriage and friendships and feeling completely unfulfilled. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Alejandra as she helped me to understand the complex nature of codependency and all that comes with it. With Ale’s guidance, I learned to set boundaries in both my marriage and
family relationships. I have also been able to let go of a toxic friendship that I struggled with for decades.

I was also able to accept and forgive unhealthy patterns of behavior within myself. I recently went through an intense mental health crisis; Ale guided me to the right help and supported me emotionally throughout. I have worked with some incredible therapists and physicians who have helped me to heal on many levels, but it is apparent that Ale has the knowledge, experience, wisdom, intuition and loving nature that helps to create a powerful healing space far superior to most. I am still working toward recovery every day. However, I am more confident and connected as a mother, my marriage is healing, and I feel I have the tools to engage in healthy friendships. Most importantly, I am learning to be alone, get to know myself, [and] honor my feelings, my grief and my experience. I am still very much a work in progress, but I feel so blessed to have Ale’s support and guidance nearby when I need it.”

- Margaret - 

“I have struggled my whole life with feeling alone, unloved and fearful, very fearful. I have gone to many counselors and therapists in my 53 years, yet I still struggled to have peace and be loved. It wasn’t until I worked with Alejandra that I was able to get free from these dysfunctional childhood lies implanted in me by my family. It was not easy, but living as a very dysfunctional codependent wasn’t, either. 

Alejandra was the only person who made sense. She has the ability to perceive why and how something has affected me even more than I do at times. She gives advice and tools for me to use that cuts straight to the root of the issue to bring healing. Alejandra coaches with love and honesty. The combination of the two allows me to face difficult changes that I have to make with confidence. In addition, Alejandra has done the work of healing from codependency herself; she has walked the walk. This has allowed me to finally be on the road to complete healing with someone I can trust.”

- Sophie - 
(Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, PEL, CLC)

Imagine if you could conquer and let go of these common codependency traits. How would you feel?


Stop feeling guilty when taking care of yourself.
Stop people-pleasing in fear of abandonment. 
Stop seeking constant validation, approval or affirmation from others.
Stop engaging in self-defeating behaviors and let go of the need to try to control others.
Stop being outer-focused; instead, be in alignment with your essence and stay true to yourself.
Stop feeling shameful when others dismiss and minimize you, or when you feel unseen or void.

From struggling with:


  • Managing anxiety and depression 
  • Feeling overwhelmed by others’ responsibilities 
  • Standing up for yourself and being confident
  • Setting boundaries when others cross the line and you feel disrespected 
  • Dealing with abusive or toxic relationships with your husband, siblings, friends or co-workers

Into learning how to:


  • Draw healthy boundaries 
  • Understand and feel that prioritizing yourself is not selfish
  • Understand self-love and be able to love others from a place of wholeness and not of lack, emptiness or neediness
  • Set goals and avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • Live a mindful, present life and stop living an unconscious, unaware, robotic life

Alejandra will teach you how to understand your emotions, unleash your creativity and rediscover yourself. With her help, you will get to know yourself and understand that abundance and happiness have always been your birthright.

Concerned about financial resources? 


Have you tried retreats, weekend transformation experiences, coaching or therapy sessions – none of which have gotten you very far?

Alejandra has worked with many clients – some of whom were in deep pain from childhood wounds; others who were still in relationships with narcissists and abusers; and still others who felt stuck in a roller-coaster ride of anxiety and depression to a point of contemplating suicide. They have all overcome those terrible experiences and are now living happy, fulfilling lives. You can, too. 

You’ll be impressed and surprised by the value you receive through weekly coaching.

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“Working with Alejandra has been life-changing! I came to her at a really tough time in my life. I was very codependent with my family and, although I’m a 30-year-old woman, I felt and was treated like a 10-year-old girl by my family members. I had a very difficult time setting boundaries and working through my childhood trauma. The amount of peace I feel today after time spent working with her is something I never imagined I could have in a million years. I feel like a brand new person. I don’t have to feel the shame and guilt I once felt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Alejandra!!!”

- Rachel -

“Alejandra has been incredible to work with and is not only a life coach, but has [also] become a mentor and a friend to me.

She began working with me when my life was a mess. I was working very hard to heal, but was struggling with codependency. I was stuck in a weird friendship with an ex who was not treating me well, a job I was unhappy with, and was having trouble figuring out how to live a happy life and follow my dreams. I often ran my life through fear instead of abundance. My days were full of drama and ups and downs. 

Finally, I decided it was time to invest in myself and I reached out for help from Alejandra. She has been nothing short of amazing. She gave me a different perspective on my current situation and got me outside of my own analyzing and my head. She helped me recognize where my triggers were and the subconscious, negative thought patterns that were keeping me stuck. She helped me learn creative, healthy tools, such as journaling, regular meditation and goal setting. She became a rock through the ups and downs over the following months as I figured things out. In order to heal, you have to do the work, but having an amazing person coaching you through it makes the healing happen that much faster.

Life isn’t perfect, but with her help, my friendships have gotten healthier, I’ve gained the strength to focus on and pursue my passions, and I am now in a relationship with a healthy man who I’m extremely attracted to, shares my values, and treats me incredibly well and with profound empathy. My life is no longer dramatic or painful. It has hard times, but I now have the internal strength and self-confidence to work through them, and I have Alejandra to thank for helping me through all of it. 

I’m honored to be working with Alejandra, and I highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to jumpstart their healing journey. I admire her empathy, strength and guidance.”

- Alexa -

(UX/UI Designer, Small Business Owner)

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